Introduction to Business Analytics and Data Visualization - Vol2


Analytics is the combination of discovery, interpretation and communication of data patterns. Basing on the explosion of information, businesses use analytical skills to describe, predict and improve their performance. Also because of the large volume of data, traditional method is not enough anymore. Computer programming and operation research are employed to help with business analytics. The importance of data visualization raises at the same time to amplify the message of the analytics result, which represents and communicates information clearly and efficiently.

In our Introduction to Business Analytics and Data Visualization Course, we will offer you better understanding of data and business intelligence, and give you enough practice to learn business applications. In the second day, cases of data visualization will be studied together, along with hands-on practice.

Course Outline

Day 1: Introduction of analytics

Ÿ What is data?

Ÿ What is business intelligence?

Ÿ When is it used?

Ÿ How is it applied?

Ÿ Hands on practice

Day 2: Visual Design Practice

Ÿ How do we ensure our analysis is presented and communicated effectively?

Ÿ Showcase of good & bad data visualization

Ÿ Hands-on practice & feedback from tutors and instructors!

Course Instructor

Fu Hua Shih, Senior Product Consultant at Tableau


1. Fill up the questionnaire so that we can understand more about your background.


2. Download and install Tableau Desktop prior to the workshop.


Event Partner

NTUC U Family/ U Women’s Network



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Jul 14 - Jul 15, 2018
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